Workplace Challenge


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Get the App

The Move More app monitors your movement and gives you a weekly overview of how much activity you do. It runs independently of the Challenge, so feel free to download it and start tracking your active minutes for free.

  • The Move More App records how much you move on a daily basis and adds it to your Move More Challenge total.

  • You receive feedback on your movement in the form of an ‘Active Minute’.

  • Any movement of the phone will count towards your total, even going from sitting to standing or slow walking and so it really is the case that every minute counts.

  • You cand sync othet activity apps and devices to it, like Strava and Fitbit.
  • The app now links to your Move More dashboard so you can see how you've done every day.

  • You don’t need to press start or stop to record your movement, the app does it automatically, all you need to do is carry your phone with you for your movements to count.