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SAGE Greenfingers


SAGE (stands for Support Arts Gardening Education) Greenfingers is a charitable organisation, established in 2006, which supports people suffering with mental health issues back to sustained wellness through therapeutic creative processes, including caring for an allotment.

Employees and volunteers at SAGE run a series of large allotments, located in Burngreave, with extensive views of Sheffield. Here people learn how to care for plants and grow their own produce.

Employees and volunteers often equal patients in number and the relaxed environment - centred around a kitchen and large dining table - is both warm and welcoming.

Who's it for?

People referred, often from local GP surgeries, or self-referring to the service have mental health issues from diverse nationalities and backgrounds. It does not currently cater for children.

Why is it important?

The people of SAGE Greenfingers are testimony to the fact that activity of any type is beneficial for mental and physical health. Especially when this is combined with time spent outdoors and with friends and family.

Their work is taking the strain off overstretched social medical care services and represents a third way in the treatment of mental health issues.

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What do people think of it?

'SAGE offers is the perfect medium for engaging with and promoting the well-being of vulnerable and isolated people for whom mainstream services do not work.'

'SAGE supports people who may otherwise fall through the gaps of mental health service provision by delivering therapeutic work in a non-threatening community setting. I think SAGE also does a great job of delivering services in a very flexible and empowering way where members of the group get a lot of say over how they spend their time on the site.'

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SAGE Greenfingers services

SAGE Greenfingers projects address the need for friendly and accessible local groups, which promote positive mental health and welcome people of all ages, races and cultures.

Volunteering at SAGE Greenfingers

If you..

  • Are interested in mental health
  • Can support people through a creative process and if they are out of their ‘comfort zone’
  • Like spending time outside
  • Enjoy gardening or DIY or
  • Enjoy singing

     …then you could be just what SAGE Greenfingers is looking for.

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