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What is it?

GoodGym is a charitable organisation which aims to channel the energy used during exercise into social good! We are a community of runners that combine regular exercise with helping local groups, organisations and elderly, isolated individuals.

This is done in 3 ways:

  1. GROUP RUNS – Every Mon at 6.30pm we run from the Showroom Cinema, led by a qualified Personal Trainer to a local community project, help with a task and run back, all within 90 mins!

  2. MISSIONS – One off tasks where a small group get together to help an elderly, isolated individual with a task they can no longer do themselves. From changing light bulbs to clearing someone’s driveway, it makes a huge impact!

  3. COACH RUNS – A weekly run to your Coach, an elderly, isolated individual who really appreciates your visit and inspires you to get those trainers on and run regularly!

Who's it for?

People who want to do good and get fit! With group runs that account for all fitness levels, it’s a very inclusive and welcoming group that nurture’s and challenges in equal measure. Coach runs are taken at the pace of the runner and can be tailored to how far you want to run.


Why is it important?

GoodGym helps people to get fit by doing good! Missions provide a reason to run and make a big impact on people’s lives too.

It helps to increase motivation to exercise and to make Sheffield a better place to live!  Over a million older people in the UK are always or often lonely, some go for months without seeing friends or family. Visiting an older person as part of a weekly Coach run can make a huge difference to their life. 

Regular Coach runs to see isolated person in Sheffield can fit around your schedule and don't need to take up more than 20 minutes of your time per week.

Mission runs

Run to help out older people in Sheffield with one-off tasks.

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Coach runs

Run regularly to see an isolated older person in Sheffield. 

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Group runs

Run with a group to help community projects in Sheffield. 

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What do people think of it?

"Why burn energy in the gym when you could harness that effort to spruce up public spaces, or visit lonely pensioners?"

"I've got my garden back now, and without the help of GoodGym I wouldn't have the spring to look forward to. I really don't think the volunteers that I had help me realised the impact that they have had on our lives. It is more than just clearing the garden, it is giving me hope. I am now really looking forward to sitting in the garden in springtime and enjoying the outside."