Schoolyard Challenges

Children Move More with sensor technology

This year, the Move More Schoolyard Challenge is running in 20 schools across Sheffield!

Over 8,000 schoolchildren will be provided their own special wristbands which, when pressed againt sensors, monitor their movement around the playground and in the school building.

Last year, children from the six participating schools made over 100,000 journeys collectively, from point-to-point. Travelling over 2,500 kilometres in a two week period. Some of the least active children were motivated to Move More and the school ingeniously devised ways to introduce curricular activities, such as mental maths, to the activity.

Evidence suggests that, when active in schooltime, children are better engaged and find it easier to concentrate. 

Schools have been selected from areas right across the city and support is being provided by the Sheffield Schools Sports Partnerships.

We'll be publishing the numbers as thay happen.

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