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Building Valuable Relationships

Move More has built valuable relationships with businesses across Sheffield. We know that support from business, makes employees healthier, happier and more productive. Here’s how we support your great work

Download the app.

The Move More app is a great way of engaging your employees…

encouraging them to Move More while travelling to, and at work. Read more about the app here. Get the app here.

Workplace Challenges

Once an individual has registered with Move More, they have the option to set up competitions with colleagues.

These could be inter-departmental activities or fund raising events. Go here to learn how to set up group and activities.

Donate milestone prizes.

Move More will reward the hard work of its users through its Move More Minutes and Points.

As people hit milestones in points they will be entered into prize draws. We need partner and business donations for this – these could be experiences, and classes or activities, as well as items. Contact us to donate.

Contact Us

Contact us

Spread the word.

We have a number of promotional items, like stickers and handouts that are available for businesses joining the Move More Revolution! Contact to get yours.