Meet the Team


Move More Coordinator

Rachael Weston

Organisation and primary role: Yorkshire Sport Foundation - Development Manager (Sheffield)

Background: Most of my career has been spent working in the voluntary sector in Sheffield delivering and coordinating Public Health projects in the most disadvantaged communities. I have also delivered weight management programmes across the city for children, families, young people and adults.

More recently I worked at South Yorkshire Housing Association leading on service improvement and customer voice across their health, care and support services. In addition to this, I have spent time working on a project with Health & Social Care Commissioners across the Sheffield City Region, to imbed coproduction into the design, delivery and evaluation of services.

Working collaboratively has always been at the core of my work and ensuring services and provisions are designed with the people who will be accessing them, so they are fit for purpose, particularly for those hardest to reach. I have built knowledge and skills in whole systems and asset based approaches, inclusion and diversity, and behaviour change. I am also very familiar with Sheffield having lived here all of my life.

I am passionate about giving everyone the same chances to lead a healthy lifestyle and be able to access physical activity opportunities which are suitable for individual needs. I am excited to be part of the Move More team and help make this happen in Sheffield.

Educaton: BSc (Honours) Public Health and Nutrition

How do you like to stay active? I enjoy attending my local community gym and taking part in high intensity training classes. I feel very lucky to live in Sheffield and like to make the most of the great outdoors with regular runs and long weekend walks.

Email: [email protected] 

Twitter: @RachaelLois

Move More Lead

Anna Lowe

Organisation and primary role:I am employed by Sheffield Hallam University as Programme Manager for The National Centre for Sport & Exercise Medicine, Sheffield.

Background: I worked in the NHS for many years in a range of care settings.  During this time I became increasingly interested in the wider determinants of health.  I became a Senior Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University and was able to explore my interest in physical activity and population health through further postgraduate study.

I am a Physical Activity Clinical Champion with Public Health England and have a keen interest in embedding physical activity into clinical care.

In my role as Programme Manager at The National Centre for Sport & Exercise Medicine I oversee a portfolio of applied physical activity research.  I also help to coordinate the delivery of NHS care in three Leisure Centres (Graves, Concord and Thorncliffe) and last but by no means least, I oversee the delivery of Move More; Sheffield’s whole system’s approach to creating a culture of physical activity.

Education: BSc (hons) Physiotherapy, MSc & PhD

How do you like to stay active? I love cycling around the Peak District & beyond!

Email: [email protected] 

Twitter: @annalowephysio


Move More Communities & Move More Month Lead

Tom Hughes

Community Project Officer, Partnership Sport and Health Team at Sheffield City Council

Background: I am from County Durham in the North East of England but now see myself as an adopted Sheffielder where I have worked in Sheffield since June 2010 having studied at Sheffield Hallam University since 2005. So approaching 15 years in the City.

Having a passion for sport from an early age I quickly found my area of passion was inspiring other people to take up sport and Physical Activity. During my time working for Sheffield City Council I have taken on many roles. These have included delivering sport and physical activity sessions across the North and North East of The City, managing the 2 Adventure Playgrounds in the City and project managing a several projects across the City for Sheffield residents.

The majority of this work has involved me working directly with communities and building strong relationships with organisations, partners and individuals to help improve access and opportunities for residents to take part in physical activity.

This journey and experience led to me becoming involved in the City strategy discussions around sport in 2016 and since then have been involved in helping the City to Move More. 

I have taken the lead on setting up the Move More Ambassador network, Move More Month and in the coming weeks and months the Move More Active Communities Group.

I am hugely passionate about helping people to Move More in general but particularly in this City that I now call home. I bring a wealth of knowledge, particularly around Sheffield’s communities and I look forward to meeting more of you and getting to know people as we go forward on this journey.

Welcome to get in touch on the details below!

Education: BSc (Honours) Sport Development with Coaching 

How do you like to stay active? I have always been a team sport player, particularly football but during the COVID – 19 lockdown I’ve started to find the motivation to take up running (socially distancing of course) and looking forward to getting back to the gym once this is over!

Mobile: 07853 625008

Email: [email protected]


Move More Communities

Adam Batty

Organisation and primary role: Voluntary Action Sheffield - Empowered Communities Project Lead

Background: Pretty much all of my working life has been spent in the voluntary and community sector. With roles focusing on community engagement, sustainability, and co-production. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with a lot of smaller volunteer run projects doing big stuff with very little. I feel like I’ve learned a lot from these opportunities, and am trying to bring this to Move More’s community work.

Physical activity and the ability to move more where you live is really important to me, as it so crucial to reducing health inequalities in Sheffield. I think it is this factor that motivates me to do what I do.

In work, I always try to be open and honest, listen well, be flexible, and trust there will be value in what we do if we do it well. And use as many commas as possible.

Education: I did do a degree back in the day on Physical Education, but most of the good stuff has come from work in the sector, working alongside some proper clever people.

How do you like to stay active? Ride my bike as much as I can, play with friends in the woods and on the hills, and the occasional run. I’m mainly motivated by exploring and adventuring in the outdoors, just so happens the best way to get the most out of this stuff is by being active.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 07365 145620

Move More Health and Social Care

Andy Douglas

Organisation and primary role: NHS GP

Background: Physical activity has always been important to me from my days of cross country running back at school. It gave me the experiences to understand its many benefits; ranging from basic things like fitness and training, through  to having fun, and creating strong friendships. 

During my last few years since qualifying as a GP I have been promoting physical activity to other healthcare professionals via my role as a Public Health England Physical Activity Clinical Champion. It has given me the opportunity to spread the word about how important keeping active is to prevent and treat a whole multitude of health conditions. 

I also having a passion for teaching and have been training medical students and junior doctors in Sheffield for the last 6 years

Education: MBChB, MRCGP, PGCME

How do you like to stay active? Cycling of all kinds, running, carrying my baby around until she falls asleep

Mobile: 07921854513

Email: [email protected]


Move More Health and Social Care

Jo Maher

Organisation and primary role: NHS GP

Background: I’m quite a late comer to PA, the turning point for me was a combination of my 3 sons becoming older and finding ways to relate to them & the increasing realisation at work that PA was an essential part of keeping my patients well. 

I am an advocate of active travel and having an e-bike has been a revelation for me. I now commute the  5 miles to practice 3-4x per week instead of using the car. I also enjoy running as part of the Ingle Runners group and at Parkrun. I support Concord Parkrun and have volunteered for this event as well as the Graves Junior Parkruns. I believe everyone should have access to opportunities to stay well through being active & I champion access for those living with health disadvantages including long term conditions & people living in poverty.

I teach undergraduates at Sheffield Medical School and I have a postgraduate trainee attached to me in practice. I am the GP lead for social prescribing in my Primary Care  Network 


How do you like to stay active? Dancing, running, cycling, yoga, hiking, swimming, French cricket with the boys

Mobile: 07875532512

Email: [email protected]