Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions not listed below, don't hesitate to contact us and we can update the FAQ

Login to the challenge portal using the following link: where you will be able to see your dashboard.

There are several ways to track and enter activity data. Download the Move More Sheffield app, it will then monitor your steps. You can also sync one of the many apps and devices (Strava, Moves, Fitbit etc) or manually enter your steps on the app or Challenge Dashboard. This is done by using the 'Add Daily Steps' button in each challenge from your dashboard or by tapping the ‘+’ button on the app.

Steps will then be converted into minutes and added to your total, with every 100 steps equating to 1 minute of movement.

We use 100 steps for 1 active minute and so if you swam for 30minutes then just add in 3000 steps to your total. If you cycled for 60minutes, then add 6000 steps and so on. That will capture what you have done.

If using a pedometer, it is probably best to add your steps at the end of each day via the add daily steps button in each challenge.

Steps will then be converted into minutes and added to your total, with every 100 steps equating to 1 minute of movement.

You can enter your activity via the dashboard calendar. Just click on the date you want to enter steps into. You can add steps retrospectively and several days at a time.

We suggest that you reset your pedometer at the end of each day, this will make entering your daily steps easier to calculate. These steps will then be converted into minutes and added to your total for that days challenge

Every 100 steps will equate to 1 minute of movement.

If your login isn't working or you've forgotten your password, then the best way to resolve this is to use the reset password button on the login screen.

You'll then be sent an email providing the necessary instructions.

In most cases this will solve any login issues but if not, then please send us an email and we'll do our best to help [email protected]

We hope that this won't happen but if for any reason you do wish to leave the challenge for this year then please send an email to [email protected] and we will arrange that for you

If you are having problems, then please do get in touch as we hope leaving will be the very last resort.

Login to the challenge portal using the following link: where you will be able to see your dashboard.

Your teams appear under the ‘My Teams’ heading

Click the name of your team, and it will take you through to your teams page where you’ll be able to see who is in your team, their medals and their total minutes.

This usually updates virtually instantly in most cases, but there may be some delays from various providers.

The Move More Workplace Challenge uses data from the Move More App and other devices to 'power' the dashboard

There may be delays in syncing with some providers. This is unfortunately out of our hands.

This means your dashboard sometimes won't update instantly, whereas your app will

If you are using a pedometer and entering your steps manually, then they will show-up almost instantly on your dashboard.

All your movement will count, it just won't show instantly in all cases.

We do hope that you'll enjoy using the app and moreover find it helpful to understand how much you move during the day but we accept that it isn't perfect. Here is what it is intended to do:

  • The app shows movement in minutes. This is the actual movement of the phone - not necessarily you - and so if you don't have it with you it won't track your movement.
  • The app also works most accurately with the phone on your person (in your pocket).
  • One of the features that makes this app different to lots of others is that it runs in the background and you don't need to start and stop it, or tell if what activity you are doing. You can however add activity manually by tapping the ‘+’ button and selecting the Timer (a stopwatch that can be used while swimming, cycling etc.), Steps (these will be converted to minutes) or Minutes (these will be added to your timeline.
  • The app also shows steps, but this is taken directly from the step counter that is built into the phone by the manufacturer and so it is not meant to be the same as your active minutes.
  • You can see your activity history by tapping the centre of the timeline ring. This also displays the source of the activity (Strava etc.).
  • If you’re taking part in the Workplace Challenge or Steel City Derby you can view updated aggregate minutes and your team and organization standings by tapping the corresponding box on the homepage.
  • There’s loads of updates coming too, so watch this space!
  • All feedback welcome and generally implemented.


It's like marmite - Love it or hate, we want to know why!

We really do hope you enjoy the Move More Workplace Challenge, its supposed to be fun after all but inevitably there will be problems as we develop this for the City. Therefore it would be great to have your feedback:

  • Tell us things you like
  • Tell us things you don't

To make this easy just look for the feedback button at the bottom corner of each webpage. We're only human and we are doing our best so please bear that in mind.

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