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People, schools, partner organisations and businesses are joining the Move More revolution. We have developed a number of initiatives to ensure that Sheffield becomes the most active city in the UK by 2020.

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Residents across Sheffield are registering and feeling the benefits of Moving More.

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The schools of Sheffield have already begun the Move More revolution.

Move More is working with 20 primary schools across Sheffield to measure the changes taking place in activity at school.

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Move More is a collection of organisations with a focus on activity, health and the wellbeing of Sheffield’s residents at heart.

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Businesses are essential to the success of Move More.

And, to date, they have made the lives of many employees healthier and happier, while benefiting from reduced absenteeism and a more productive workforce.

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Our football teams

Sheffield Wednesday and United are Move More motivators!

Both of Sheffield's professional teams were a crucial part of the Move More Month 2016, and continue to contribute to its success. The Steel City Derby – a competition between both teams, driven by Move More app users was a huge success. Users of the app were able to choose their teams and actively contribute to their score in a head-to-head digital derby.

Move More is also part of both team's community foundations, who work with Sheffield community groups, using activity as a way to motivate engage and improve health in Sheffield.

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