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About Sheffield City Council

 Sheffield City Council continues to face significant financial challenges as the Government further reduces its grant to the local authority. Extremely difficult decisions have had to be made over the past five years about services that the people of Sheffield care so much about.


About Activity Sheffield

Activity Sheffield has previously facilitated Miracle Cure on behalf of the City. We are extremely disappointed to have to inform you that as a consequence of these cuts we will no longer be in a position to continue this facilitation beyond 18 March 2016.

 Unfortunately, the service faces a significant reduction in staff and will operate with only a small team of workers who will, in future, support groups to raise funds and organise their own activities. This is work that Activity Sheffield has done successfully in recent years – but from 1 April 2016 this will be the primary focus of our work.

 These proposals were reluctantly agreed by the Council Cabinet on 17 February 2016 and will go to full Council for final approval on 4 March 2016.

 Should you want to refer a customer into exercise referral within the city details of how to do this can be found below:

Zest Centre - 0114 270 2040 - Zest, 18 Upperthorpe, Sheffield, S6 3NA

Sheffield International Venues - Exercise Referral Team -  0114 2574426

Places For People Leisure operate the Fit4Health Exercise Referral Scheme at the following Leisure Centres in Sheffield:

GravesTennis and Leisure Centre

Bochum Parkway



S8 8JR

Contact Jo Strong 0114 2839900



Wisewood Sports Centre

Laird Road


S6 4BS

Contact Aimee Rogers/Hannah Holden




Thorncliffe Leisure Centre

Packhorse Lane

High Green


S35 3HY

Contact Reception


NEW SITE OPENING SOON..........................................................Please note this venues is not open until spring 2016 ( please look on website for opening date)

 Call Fit4Health at each centre or visit our websites to find out more information and how to be referred.’

 All referrals should be sent directly to the chosen venue clearly marked for; FIT4HEALTH-GP REFERRAL SCHEME

 Health Professionals wanting to know more about the scheme and to order referrer toolkits  should contact [email protected]

 We look forward to hearing from you to help Sheffield to move more.'








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