Be inspired

Be Inspired

Yvonne's Story

Find out how physical activity gave Yvonne a new lease of life after a heart attack.


Craig's Story

Hear how Craig turned his life around and lost 16 stone in 2 years.


Derick's Story

Find out how Derick won the battle against arthritis and prevented himself becoming housebound for life.


Charlotte's Story

Hear about how Charlotte dropped 3 dress sizes and encouraged others to follow her.


Eileen's Story

Find out why Eileen swears that physical activity and exercise is the secret to a great life after 60.



Gill's Story

Hear how a GP exercise referral scheme helped Gill manage her arthritis and improve her quality of life.


David's Story

Hear how cycling and Sheffield Cycling 4 All helped David to recover from a stroke and gain back the freedom he thought he'd lost.


Robert's Story

Hear how the DESMOND programme, an exercise scheme for people with Diabetes, transformed Robert's life.


Debbie's Story

Learn how Debbie lost 12 stone and transformed her life.