What is Move More?

Move More is a city-wide public health programme which aims to make it easier for everyone in Sheffield to be physically active as part of everyday life.

The vision of Move More is for Sheffield to become the most active City in the UK by 2020 and as a result see meaningful improvement in the health, wellbeing and quality of life of individuals, families and communities living in the city.

Move More is therefore about you and people like you living in Sheffield and we'd love you to join in and help make Sheffield the UK's most active city.

The Move More Plan

If Sheffield is to achieve the ambitious goal of becoming the most active City in the UK by 2020 it is going to take time and effort.

To help guide the way, a 5-year plan has been written - unsurprisingly called 'the Move More plan' which sets-out how communities, schools, workplaces and environments can enable the residents of Sheffield to become more physically active.

The Move More plan was co-produced with over 300 individuals representing over 100 different organisations in Sheffield.

It considers some of the evidence as to why 'moving more' is an important part of everyday life

  • Read the plan here

Who are Move More?

Move More is a city-wide partnership involving; the Voluntary Sector, the NHS, both Universities, the Local Authority, Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, and Sheffield International Venues (SIV).

Move More is therefore not an organisation in its own right. 

Move More aims to coordinate activities and projects that already exists in Sheffield rather than create new initiatives, projects and programmes.

Move More Outcomes

We have identified 6 key outcomes that represent what we want to achieve through the Move More plan. These aims are aligned with the Health and Wellbeing Board in terms of improving population health. They are: 

  • Outcome 1: Empowered Communities
  • Outcome 2: Active Environments
  • Outcome 3: Active People & Families
  • Outcome 4: Physical activity as Medicine
  • Outcome 5: Active Schools and Active pupils
  • Outcome 6: Active Workplaces and an Active Workforce

Visit our Vision section for an infographic of this information

The Approach to Move More

The Move More plan will take a bottom-up, value-based, whole systems approach (an approach that considers all age groups and socio-demographics within the City) to creating a culture of physical activity within Sheffield.

We want to raise individual's participation in physical activity or sport to 150minutes a week or more
We want to tackle the inequalities  in terms of physical activity participation between the least and the most affluent areas of the city by ensuring everyone, regardless of age, gender, language, ethnicity, economic status or ability, should have accessible, safe, convenient and affordable choices for physical activity.

To achieve the most active city in the UK by 2020, the Move More plan is based on 12 principles which are described in the infographic in Our Vision section.

A Challenge to Move More

There is strong evidence that creating a culture of physical activity in Sheffield could lead to over 600 premature deaths being prevented each year. That's friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbours and members of our communities in Sheffield sharing life together longer.

It is perhaps less well publicised that physical activity can:

  • improve the educational attainment of our children,
  • help to reduce anti-social behaviour,
  • build self-esteem across the life-span,
  • contribute to urban regeneration and help increase work productivity, quality of life and employment
  • decrease a sence of loneliness and social isolation, along with a reduction in depression and poor psychological health.
  • reduce CO2 emissions and reduce congestion via active travel
  • lower  the number of working age people on out of work benefits.

Sounds great doesn't it!?

There is of course a problem. The world we all live in doesn't make being physically active very easy; in fact, it’s easier to move less than it is to move more.

Inactive is contributing to major chronic diseases, such as cancers, diabetes and heart disease. Inactive children are becoming inactive adults which produces a downward spiral of ill health and poor quality of life for the future generations.

This is unacceptable. A change in culture is required.

So what are you going to do to Move More?

We are inviting everybody in the city to Move More...  

That includes organisations, groups, sports clubs, communitiies, individuals, families, schools, environmental groups, policy-makers, workplaces, health professionals etc etc. Get moving and help others to move more.

So what will you do? 

Visit our current sections to find out how you can get involved

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Move More Plan

The Move More Plan will shape the culture of change in Sheffield over the next 5 years. Read the plan

Move More Plan

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